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Whose side will you be on?

Nicholas Lyon is the perfect husband - a handsome divorce lawyer who dotes on his wife

and family. Malinche Lyon is the perfect wife - a still-beautiful cookbook writer and mother

to three darling daughters.

And then Sara Kaplan, a bright, vivacious young lawyer, explodes into their lives like a sexual hand grenade. For Sara, what started as a harmless fling swiftly deepens into a painful battle

for Nicholas's heart with Mal, who is not quite as preoccupied in her world of food and school runs as Nicholas had believed. 

All three are about to discover the difference between fulfilling your wildest desires - and getting your just desserts.

UK InfidelityChain.jpg

Six lovers. Two affairs. One betrayal.

Ella Stuart has worked hard to achieve the perfect work-life balance: a high-flying career as

a paediatric doctor, a charming husband - and in urbane PR consultant William Ashfield,

a passionate, worldly lover.

When tragedy strikes out of the blue, Ella’s carefully ordered life is abruptly derailed.

Her personal nightmare has repercussions for everyone linked to her. For William, who has

to face his own demons and make the toughest decision of his life. For his wife, Beth, who

is just beginning to emerge from the depression that has stolen the most precious years

of motherhood.

And above all for Cate, William and Beth’s seventeen-year-old daughter, whose transition

from girlhood to womanhood is suddenly set to be a baptism of fire.

UK - TheNanny.jpg

The hand that rocks the cradle rules your world.

Clare Elias runs a flourishing chain of boutique flower shops. Her husband, Marc, is handsome, successful, supportive - and nearly a decade her junior. Clare is at the top of her game, so how hard can motherhood be?

Then the babies come - both of them. And Clare finds herself in the midst of the crisis faced

by every woman who's ever tried to Have It All. 

When help arrives in the form of pretty, young, hyper-efficient Jenna, Clare has no idea that bringing this stranger into her family will change everything.

UK - WhatsYoursIsMine.jpg

How can you choose between your sister and your baby?

Grace Hamilton is smart, successful, and happily married - but the one thing missing from

her seemingly perfect life is the baby she’s unable to conceive. 

Her sister Susannah is like a car crash in motion: she’s been estranged from the family since abandoning her two sons from a disastrous early marriage. When their mother falls ill,

Grace reluctantly calls Susannah back home. As the two sisters try to repair their relationship, Grace realises that Susannah might be the answer to her prayers: her sister is willing to be

her surrogate, to give birth to Grace’s longed-for baby. 

But when Susannah makes a reckless choice that threatens her life and the baby’s, how far

will Grace go to save her sister if it means losing the one thing she wants most?

UK - WifeWhoRanAway.jpg

There are some things you can never leave behind.

Kate Forrest is invisible. Ned, the husband she adores, doesn't seem to know she's alive, and her two children have become stroppy adolescents. With her fortieth birthday fast approaching, all Kate wants to do is run away from the lot of them.

And so she does.

After getting on a plane to Italy, she soon finds herself caught up in the arms of a man half her age, and revels in her freedom. But eventually Kate will be forced to choose between her past and the future.

Should she follow her heart, or fight to save her family?

UK - Lying Game copy.jpg

If you found out your child had been switched at birth, would you want her back?

Harriet Lockwood has never really bonded with her daughter, Florence, the way she has with

her three sons.

Then one day, she discovers why. 

The girl she’s raised for the last fifteen years is not her biological child. As a consequence, two families are plunged into a storm of bitter rivalries and unexpected alliances as they grapple with the hardest question of all.

Should they keep the daughter they raised, or switch them back?

UK - OpenMarriage.jpg

When you abandon the rules, can you ever go back?

Mia Allen has never adjusted to living in England. She misses her friends in the States, but her husband Kit loves the sense of community he finds in village life. 

Kit's boss, Charlie, is looking for more excitement in her life. So when she and her husband, Rob, are invited to dinner with Mia and Kit, she jumps at the chance. 

As the increasing attraction between all of them moves up a notch, it's not long before the seductive highs of these new friendships lead to desperate lows.

Can any of their relationships survive this unconventional arrangement?



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